How do we grade our merchandise?

GRADED IRREGULARS are not first quality garments yet are saleable and wearable items. Every mill and every Irr company have their own standards and grading procedures. In general an irregular garment may have slight imperfections: small stains, size imperfections, puckered hems, crooked sleeves, fabric irregularities and dyeing irregularities etc. Our irregulars do not contain holes. Due to the complexity of grading and finding the flaws we can sometimes miss a damaged item. If you receive over 8% of damaged merchandise please contact us. Remember, "The irregular is a creature created by accident, therefore each shirt is unique."

SECONDS are garments with visible flaws and more pronounced irregularities. These items generally may have small holes, visible stains and slight discolorations. Depending upon your market they may be embellished or repaired in some fashion to cover the flaws. Or they can be sold as they are. Either way they can offer great value to your customers. Seconds are the lowest quality that we sell. We do not sell thirds.

CLOSEOUTS AND OVERRUNS are 1st quality items sold at or below cost to reduce inventory, liquidate seasonal merchandise, is discontinued, or the manufacturer needs removed from its main channels of distribution. These items are available in limited quantities and give you the opportunity to pass on substantial savings to your customers!

What is our policy regarding customer privacy?

BROOK TEXTILES does not sell or share your company information. All information submitted is strictly for the use of BROOK TEXTILES.

BROOK TEXTILES does not sell or share your email address information. Email addresses are used to send order confirmations, shipping confirmations, and every day communications with our customers.

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